Why Failure and Success Coexist In Harmony

Heartbreak absolutely sucks. Now that might not be the most optimistic opening, but tell me it isn’t true. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve gone through and dealt with it for years now, draining all my emotions and usually driving me to an indescribable insanity. But, as messed up as it may sound, it’s healthy. It’s a reality check that brings back the practicality in life. Don’t get me wrong, I love love. It is one of the very few organically powerful feelings that can turn your nights into days. But understand that, in reality, it usually takes a couple of blows and extreme resilience to find that one you’d spend the rest of your life with, through sickness and in health. Yup, that’s entrepreneurship in nutshell. Confused? Let me elaborate.

Entrepreneurship and the “road to success” isn’t made up of glorified fame on social media where you share your occasional (or very frequent) motivational quotes. It’s made up of heartbreaks. Constant rejections. Uphill battles. War. The realism and practicality of what it actually takes to be considered an entrepreneur is way different than what is being portrayed by our society. But even more so, it’s about the ability to dust yourself off, look rejection in the face, and give it a good “f*ck you” and move on.

Count your blessings by the number of times you have fallen down, not succeeded. It may sound counterproductive, but that’s because you haven’t properly succeeded yet. To succeed and to truly be great at what you do, with whatever you are doing, you have to fail and respond accordingly. I attribute my success to two things; that fact that I took action, and stayed resilient when I was faced with adversity. I embraced the fact that I lacked something, a set of skills or certain knowledge, and went to aggressive measures to attain them.

Though I hate cliche quotes and people who spam my newsfeed with them, one of my favorite ones that I live by is “doubt and fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.” The worst regret someone can have really isn’t failing, it’s failing to try. Think about it. Ever not done something that could have benefited you, in any way, and you stayed up for hours thinking about it? Too many of us are too afraid of being labeled as failures. Failures in eyes of the people we love, admire, look up, or worse than that, the public eye. You would rather play it safe and stay within the walls of your comfort zone than jump and take a risk, which has ultimately left us with a massive number of wantrepreneurs.

There is ultimately only one pure form of failure. Failure isn’t not succeeding. Because really, failure isn’t failure if you don’t allow it to become a failure. Failure is not allowing for the process of success to come around full circle; it’s giving up too early. It’s very much like gambling: Imagine yourself play real money slot games at Red Flush Canadian casino, you may win, you may lose, but those who prepare well enough tend to be more lucky, and those who stick long enough to see their gains pile up are the ones who end up reaping the rewards.

The majority of us perceive success as something that is physically attained. A pot of gold or a million dollars. Because of this very illusion, people who haven’t found that pot of gold yet consider themselves to be failures. It’s a very depressive mentality that strikes out, dismantles and labels everything prior to it as failure. It’s a self-defeating mentality that allows people not to improve and strive higher. The discouragement that comes from all the “failure” people are experiencing everyday forces them to stay in the very same position they started out in. If you ask me, whenever things get out of hand, head to Royal Vegas online casino and blow some steam off!

Success isn’t an achievement in itself, but the effort put into achieving. As long as you keep on progressing, in any shape or form, you are ahead of the race. Now you may not hit first place in this particualr one, but you’ll be facing plenty of races. If not this one, then the next one. Learn to appreciate the race and all of its obstacles. Learn to love the proccess and all it has to offer. Do this and I promise you’ll appreciate the journey you’ve taken on in a way you could never have imagined.

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