Windowless Planes: The Travel Revolution Is Already On

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds those 13 hours flight between JFK and Dubai unbearable and boring. If you’re a frequent traveler you’ve already burnt through all the movies in your entertainment service onboard, so all you can do is try to sleep (good luck with that) or stare at the white-yelloish interior design until the next meal comes through.

Now imagine, instead of looking at the boring inner fuselage of the plane, you can gaze at the sky, the moon, the stars and the world outside from 35,000 feet above? Sounds like science fiction I know, but some people are working hard to make it a reality.

Switching from the standard fuselage material to a thinner glass structure is not only a wet dream for every passenger, it’s also a way to cut down on costs, increase seating space and lower CO2 emissions. Traveling will become a fantasy journey through the skies, where you have more leg space and you’ll never feel guilty about breaking down the environment with your carbon footprint!

The geniuses behind this? Center for Process Innovation, or CPI for short. When is this revolutionary technology set to go for mass consumption, well, 10 years until all the details are fine tuned. But hey, it’s worth the wait!

Photo Credit: Business Insider

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