UAE Innovation: Winners of UAE Drones for Good Award Announced

The winners of the UAE Drones for Good Award have been announced! The 2016 edition of the innovative competition launched in Dubai and championed by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has awarded the national champion 1 Million dirhams, while the international winning team pocketed a hefty 1 Million dollars!

1 Million USD International Competition: Loon Copter’s multi-rotor drone from the United States

Loon Copter is a novel multi-rotor platform capable of traditional aerial flight, on-water surface operation, and sub-aquatic diving.

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1 Million AED National Competition: Buildrone

Buildrone is an aerial robot that is capable of detecting damages and carrying out repair tasks in hard-to-access environments.

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In its Mission Statement on the Drones for Good website, the UAE Government describes that it is tasked with inviting the most innovative and creative minds to find solutions that will improve people’s lives and provide positive technological solutions to modern day issues. The Award is designed to offer the people of the world an opportunity to really make a difference with a commitment underlined by the significant prize fund of 1 Million USD and 1 Million AED for each category.

“The world is witnessing rapid changes and new challenges every day which requires us to unify our efforts to employ modern technology to serve humanity. Innovative initiatives will enable us to create the best solutions to overcome hurdles across the path to progress and help achieve our aspirations.” – Sheikh Mohammed.

Photo Credit: Drones 4 Good