Women Corner: 9 Ways to Be There for the Most Important Person in Your Life, Yourself

By nature, we as women are compassionate beings. We feel an instinctive desire to help those around us, especially those whom we care about. We harbor an almost obtrusive compulsion to fix things and to take pain away from the suffering. We tend to exhaustively focus on others, to such an extent that we forget about our own selves somewhere along the way.

Even if we could successfully fix the whole world throughout our lives, we would still forgo the notion of fixing ourselves. This is not to say that women are broken, quite the contrary. We, as women, have such a powerful underlying potential to grow and to realize the dreams we covet. So why not be there for the most important person in your life — yourself? 

1. Compliment Yourself

Give yourself at least one compliment per day. Revel in how far you’ve come. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Appreciate your style, or how you still look beautiful in sweatpants. Celebrate your accomplishments. Indulge in the amazing human being that you are.

2. Don’t Settle — In Any Part of Your Life

Do right by yourself by demanding nothing less than what you deserve. Do not give too much without promise of something in return. Do not settle for a job that makes you hate the sun. Do not settle for a love that isn’t as perfectly natural as it is passionate. Life is too short to settle for things that do not inspire you. If you cannot overcome, then release toxic things to the wind and try to smile at the clouds of opportunity overhead.

3. Steal a Moment to Relax

Spending a night in is perfectly okay. A glass of wine in your own company is more than acceptable; it allows you to learn to love the company you keep within yourself. Press the snooze button and sleep in. Take the lunch you always skip, or eat at the table instead of during your commute. Reward your beautiful soul with moments of simplicity and ease.

4. Dispose of Blame

Sometimes fate has a strange way of going about its conduit. Chances are, we will never truly know the reason behind most occurrences in our lives. Do not waste time mourning your past… instead live in the ever-present moment. Deal with what you can change and let go of what you cannot. The longer you hold onto blame, the longer you are kept from a chance at happiness.

5. Drop the Comparisons 

Rather than comparing yourself to others, focus on your own personal goals. Do not judge another’s path that may be wholly different from your own. Jealously and insecurity only injure the soul. Foster your spirit with confidence and grace, because the only comparison that truly matters… Is of who you are versus who you hope to become.

6. Keep Following Your Dreams

They may terrify you… but that’s the good thing about dreams. The bigger the dream, the scarier it is, and that’s the way it should be. So pave the path you know is meant for you and your ambitions. Keep your head towards the stars, knowing that if you work hard enough you’ll grant your own wishes. Never stop believing in the things that make your heart pound from fear.

7. Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy

Moderation is the fundamental tenet towards a healthy body and mind. Keep negative thoughts at bay, and keep the unhealthy foods for celebratory indulgences. Fill yourself with nutrients that keep your body moving and your mind clear. Rejoice from the endorphins that exercise produces and subsequently rids destructive reflections. Cherish the temple that is your body and soul.

8. Allow Yourself to Feel

Genuine beating hearts are one of the best attributes of a woman. Don’t be afraid to feel with each crevice of it. Speak your emotions out loud, or write them down. Celebrate the colorful emotions that run through your veins. Carry your heart on your sleeve because you’re already holding that strength by the hand. Feelings don’t make you weak; it’s learning to live with them that make you resilient.

9. Never Stop Being You

You are remarkable. You are fantastic in your own right. You have all the possibilities you are willing to hold. You are you, and that’s the most wonderful person there could be. So don’t forget it. Don’t let go of that little girl that grew up chasing dreams and butterflies. Keep your head high and walk with the knowledge of who you are. And when in doubt, always add some kick-ass lipstick.

Come on, girls, let’s show the world what we’re made of.

Originally appeared on: The Huffington Post

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