WOMENA: How Women Are Pioneering The VC Landscape In The GCC

The startup community nowadays is buzzing with names: from the inspirational Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, to visionary investors like Peter Thiel or Marc Andreessen, there is no shortage of testosterone around. Yet what goes unnoticed most of the time are female entrepreneurs and investors who are revolutionising the industry one business at a time, and in the Arab world, a women-led entrepreneurial revolution is already taking place.

WOMENA provides Gulf-based high-net-worth women a supportive, professional network and dependable guidance to invest in new companies together where we facilitate the investment process from sourcing to close. – WOMENA.co

One of the engines behind this revolution are the founders of WOMENA, Elissa Freiha and Chantalle Dumonceaux, who are paving the way for the Middle East’s own breed of superstar entrepreneurs and angel investors. WOMENA dubs itself as the first angel group in the Gulf for women only. According to their FAQ, WOMENA’s mission in a nutshell is:

“We seek to help women in the region control their wealth intelligently and have a community of like-minded women who collaborate. We go above and beyond to make sure our investors are comfortable investing by providing extensive educational materials, guidance, and ongoing assistance, and much more. We bring together a team with varied backgrounds and expertise in this process.”

“Our focus is on educating and incubating investors. We’re not here to accelerate or incubate start-ups, we have partners whose job is that. We are here to fund start-ups. – Elissa Freiha to Arabian Business

WOMENA is changing the rules of the game for women in the entrepreneurial community, making from them more than just consumers and targeted clients: they become an integral part of building a startup ecosystem and an active agent in shaping the nature and type of investments available for entrepreneurs. The GCC has for long been at the vanguard of women empowerment, so it comes as no surprise to see the emergence of a female-only angel investing network in the UAE as part of a region-wide renaissance.

Check WOMENA’s site for more info and updates: www.womena.co

Photo Credit: Womena.co