So what are the job requirements you ask? We are talking about 135 hours a week, the ability to have constant mobility, great coordination skills as well as adaptation to diverse communication. But the fun doesn’t stop there; no breaks, no holidays off and to top it all off, there is no pay – sounds like a dream job to me!

But who would be crazy enough to advertise a “job” like that, and even crazier, take it on? Well it all started by an advertising agency in Boston, Mullen, who posted, believe it or not, a fake “Director of Operations” job listing online and all over newspapers. This so called ad got a total of an astounding 2.7 million impressions, but only 24 people actually responded according to Ad Week. They all got in front of their laptops, turned on Skype and were (surprise surprise) shocked at what was required from them; no salary, no vacations and even no guaranteed sleep.

But here is the plot twist, billions of people do this every day! And when the applicants found out who actually holds the title of the “Worlds Toughest Job”, they were brought to tears.