Yes We Can

As we fight through our ventures, going through sleepless nights, long hours and constant pressure to finish what we started, we keep a relentless hidden question swirling through our minds, a question that manages to pop up constantly. A question that we, deep down in our guts, know we have figured out, but yet keep the reasonable rational thought that, “you just never know what might happen.” It’s the tricky question we don’t want to think about, but yet can’t help to reflect upon while laying in our bed, wide awake, thinking; Am I going to succeed? Is all of this hard work going to pay off, ever? What if I don’t make it and become one of those average Joes you see on the streets wearing their 100 dollars suits, heading towards their 9 to 5 jobs? What if I fail? As crazy as this may sound, that is exactly how you’re supposed to think, that’s the exact mentality every successful entrepreneur has, and I’ll explain why.

It´s those self-critical questions that keep us on our toes. It’s that “what if” mentality that makes us fight even harder, with the hope of achieving whatever we want to achieve. It’s the fear of failure that unleashes the beast inside every one of us. The beast that has the capability to work through those long nights and stressful hours in order to achieve what your fears made you doubt you couldn’t. Whatever you think you can’t do, whenever you doubt your own capability of getting the job done – reverse that negative psychological “block” into a motivational booster, into a stimulus to prove to yourself and to everyone else, that you will, in fact, make it – not matter what!

And lastly, remember that you are the one who creates your opportunities; you are the only one who establishes your own success. With that being said, don’t ever let dumb bullshit excuses or thoughts stand in the way of what you’re capable of, just because it’s a comfortable situation to be in. Because as much as it may seem comfortable in the time being, it’ll come back around and bite you in the ass, reminding you of what you could have done and changed to reach that ultimate destination to the top.

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