YOLO? 6 Habits That Will Either Make Or Break You In Your 20s

Let’s face it, more than often we usually stick close to our habits. Whether good or bad habits, we tend to keep them close to the heart because the failure to address them has become so crazily incorporated in our ways of living. I mean yes, some habits definitely stand in our favor, habits which are greatly beneficial and should absolutely be maintained; others, not so much. But look, whatever the case is, recognition is the first and ultimate stepping stone when deciding which one of your habits to move away from and which ones to embrace.

Trusting Your Faith: MAKE

Can we all agree that many things in life, even in the world, happen and occur with absolutely no factual rhythm or sensible reason? You see, in contrast to skepticism, simple faith is sometimes enough to make things happen. And if that isn’t enough then remember that developing a religious, spiritual or even your own individual spectral theories to believing something to be true is crazy healthy.

You won’t find clear and factual answers for everything, and that’s fine.

Playing It Safe: BREAK

YOLO! Allowing yourself to break out of your comfort zone, straying from your own safe-zone, will let your progress and strive in ways you can’t imagine. Having a winners mentality, challenging yourself to take on unfamiliar situations will not only skyrocket your self-confidence and assurance, it’ll keep you hungry for more! It’s simple, great risk, equals to great rewards. Mediocre risks…you do the math.

Reversing A Setback To A Comeback: MAKE

We aren’t perfect, that’s not how god made us. We are inevitably going to mess up and draw setbacks on a regular basis. It’s not a stroll in the park. But if you think dwelling on the past and on your mistakes will benefit you in any way, by all mean, be my guest.

Snap out of it! The only thing that occurs when you stick your head down the sand is this: loss of opportunity! You’re simply preventing a situation from becoming, believe it or not, a positive learning experience. Embrace the fact that you a naturally flawed individual, just like everyone else. But use those setbacks, those flaws to fuel up your motivation for the better, to be better. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and focus on moving forward.

One Night Stands: BREAK

Look we all have our experimental days, we all take advantage of our youth, and that’s okay – but at some point in time, get it out of your system and realize that, in the grand scheme of things, there is nothing more beautiful and intimately fascinating than taking the time to get to know the other person’s body and personality through consistent and repetitive connection.

Having “Me” Time: MAKE

Between spending hours at the office and gossiping about the latest “IT” story, spending time alone is essential. Do you know how much relaxation you can obtain simply by independently doing activities and comfortably being self-sufficient. Do yourself a favor and take time to block out the world around you, even if it’s just for a couple of seconds. Turn off the noise, regroup with your inner self and stay internally connected with who you are. I know it may sound a lot like spiritual crap, but trust me, allowing yourself to clear your mind and focus can do a lot!

Not Having Long-Term Savings: BREAK

What sounds better, a weekend in Vegas with your buddies, or a cup of Starbucks? Understand the fact that it is way more rewarding to build up your finances and reward yourself with a ticket to Amsterdam for a week than to reward yourself with a “barista made coffee” which, let’s be honest here, tastes just like any other homemade coffee.

Picture Credit: Tumblr.