Young Wild And Free: 8 Childhood Attributes You Should Keep Forever

I was one of the craziest kids during my primary years. All the “let your mom read this” notes, principle callings, detentions – I was wild. It wasn’t that I was always looking to break the rules and set the place on fire, it was more that I had the courage to do things other kids wouldn’t even think of. I had an imagination without borders that allowed me to free my mind from everything, believing I could do anything.

Looking back at the good ol´days, I’ve realized that things have changed when it comes to that “f*ck-em-all, do what I want to do mentality.” Now yes, some of it (very little) is for the good, I mean I don’t want to be punching people in the face every time they said something offensive. But the rest, all of those childhood attributes that made you who you are, are all gone, vanished, and why? Because you’re grown up? Because you walk around with a suit and tie or carry a briefcase?

We take ourselves way too seriously sometimes. I mean I know that you cant go back to being as happy as when you were a kid because well, your childhood cuddled you from reality. Responsibilities wasn’t something you had to deal with – job, bills, societal pressure, relationships, more bills – not on your wish-list.

But every kid is unique, I sure as hell was anyways. Every child possesses individual traits and qualities that allows them to shine, and if those attributes are retained safely throughout life, he or she is likely to shine forever, standing out from the negative crowd.

Here are 8 childhood attributes you should always carry with you throughout life:


Did I mention that you take yourself too seriously? Don’t. Boring people truly do suck, so get out of your own way and try to establish that sense of humor you once had when you were growing up.

Question Everything

Though I have to say, as an “adult”, kids annoy the sh*t out of me when they keep on asking and repeating the same question – over and over again, it kills me. Nevertheless though, each day a new innovator is born, discovering something no one else has discovered. You know why? Because they always asked questions. Don’t be ignorant, search for you answers and watch as adventures come flooding your way. (FYI this has nothing to do with you going through your woman’s phone records with an intention of “questioning.”)


With that being said, you should always be curious about the things around you. Always. Now I’m not asking you to trespass, but curiosity will often lead to answers. Sometimes good answers, sometimes bad – but at least you’re getting to the right ones.


Let’s face it, a lot of us turn into real assholes once we get all grown up. Drop it. God knows this world needs more humble and kind people.


That was probably one of the most important things I had as a kid. Everything I did was an adventure, I was always exposed to something new. Sure I could get lazy every now and then and snap on an episode of Pokémon, but deep down inside, I  couldn’t wait to head to the woods to see if these “super cool” animals really existed.

Don’t get accustomed to your daily boring routine, don’t be afraid to shake things up!

 Freedom Is Yours

I don’t really understand why some people tend to forget this, but: You are free. Keep in mind, this luxury is not granted to everyone in the world – so make good use of it! Stick to what you believe and travel down your desired path.

Aspire For More

Remember as a kid, your aspirations were probably sky-high. Wanting to become the US president. An astronaut. You were ambitious – you had dreams. What happened along the way? What, did we all of a sudden lose that? Did we all of a sudden decide to stick to an average corporate jobs and trash all of our aspirations? Get back on the horse and live your dreams.


I can guarentee you that there is someone else out there who is having it a little rougher than you – stop looking at what you don’t have and appreciate the thing you do have. Wether you know it or not, everyone, every single one of us has something to be grateful for in life.

Picture Credit: We Heart It

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