You’re A Billionaire, You Just Don’t Know It Yet

We’re all born billionaires, yes. It might sound crazy but hear me out. The only true wealth that we, as individuals, have, is time. If you strip Bill Gates off his money he will still know how to become rich because he has time which he can turn into wealth. If Donald Trump goes bankrupt, which he already did multiple times, he still has time which he can invest to bounce back and reclaim his billionaire status.

Time is the true commodity we have, and we can trade it for wealth, power and status, or we can just waste it on irrelevant endeavors that bring us no value whatsoever. This notion is hard to understand for someone who lives an average life where time is not an issue to grapple with. But for those who understand the importance of their days, ever second counts. Every minute, every hour is an opportunity to generate wealth, knowledge and gain an advance. Wealthy and successful people usually complain about how little time they have although we all have 24 hours to work with. Successful people understand that an hour is as valuable as a lifetime. A day can be the game changer in a career or a venture. One could use an extra minute to answer an email, place a phone call or finalize a business plan. A second can make you or break you.

I can’t stress enough how valuable those precious hours are. There is so much to do out there but not enough time for everything. The smarter you get, the richer you become and the more successful you grow, the greater the value of your time and the consequent opportunity cost of using it. It’s not money that makes us wealthy, because money comes and goes. It’s not the cars, mansions or yachts. These have a set value. How much do your valuables cost? A hundred grand? A million? A billion? Now how much does a day cost for you? It’s limitless. Your day can be worth a hundred dollars if you’re a blue collar, or it can be worth several thousands if you’re a lawyer. It could also be worth millions if you’re a hedge fund manager who makes a billion plus a year. The point is, there is no cap on how much your time is worth, and that’s what makes it so valuable. It’s up to you to put a dollar figure on your hours, and the more expensive they become, the more you realize how important those clock ticks are.

We are all born with an average life expectancy of 80 years (give or take), that’s 960 months, 28,800 days or 691,200 hours. You spend a third of your life sleeping, and god knows how much is gone eating, riding the metro and reading your emails. At the end of the day you’re only left with a small chunk of time, and it’s up to you how you invest it and what you turn it into. You’re born a billionaire, just like everyone else, and it’s up to you to maintain that status or lose away your precious days for nothing. The clock is ticking…

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