Relationship Tips: Impress Your Woman by Observing and Acknowledging Her Efforts

Women often complain about men’s inattentiveness to their appearance. A classic example is when a woman comes home with a new hairdo but her man doesn’t notice anything or refrains from any comments. Women pay much attention to their appearance and want to hear feedback from men. Apart from their looks, they would like to be appreciated for their endeavors and achievements. According to the relationship experts from Bridesdating.com – Online Russian Dating Girls, the easiest way to impress a woman is to start noticing her efforts and somehow react to them to show that you really care.

Her perfume

Every woman would like to hear a compliment on her nice scent. It may take a while before a woman finds her fragrance that will accentuate her individuality and reflect her inner state. However, many women have a couple of their favorite perfumes and wear them when the mood is right. If your girlfriend smells differently today, comment on it because she wants you to notice.

Her sense of humor

The ability to make other people laugh is a great skill or talent if you wish. If your woman knows a lot of jokes and always finds the right moment to share one with you or your friends making you all laugh your heads off, compliment her on her terrific sense of humor.

Her body

When a woman decides to join the gym to lose a few kilos or get her muscles in tone, give her extensive support. She does it not only for improving her health or boosting her confidence, but also she for you. That is why once you notice some positive results of her workouts, tell her about it. This will be the best compliment for her.

Her smart clothes

Always remember that before she shows up on a date she has to spend a couple of hours preparing for it. Picking the most appropriate dress, combining shoes with her purse or nails, doing makeup – all this takes her time and efforts. Unfortunately, most men are inattentive to such details because they perceive the whole picture. So don’t hold back compliments and flattery once you see her dressed up to the nines.

Her new underwear

Lingerie is something that both men and women enjoy. Of course, you notice her lacy bra and panties when she changes her clothes or undresses. However, your silent check-out is not enough. Take some seconds to contemplate her lingerie and say something nice about it because she chose it not only for herself but also to please you.

Her hair

Gorgeous hair is a luxury. Also, it’s an element of one’s image. Women understand the importance of taking care of their hair that is why you can see so many hair-care products and instruments on her dressing table. Be attentive to all metamorphoses that happen to her hair, be it a new shade of color or a new hairdo. She expects to hear a compliment from you.

Her cleaned-up place

If you live together, then next time she cleans your apartment you are welcome to say some nice words of appreciation complimenting the results of her work. She will be pleased to realize that you notice her efforts.

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